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The Super Cub 50 - The 1957 Chevy of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian Chevy - The Super Cub 50
 So your venerable Super Cub 50 needs a rebuild and there's a small part/repair shop in the village. Why not do it yourself and save some riel? But wait there are two major stumbling blocks- tools and degreaseing the motor. Fear not as it only takes different three (3x) different metric wrench sizes and a flat head screwdriver to disassemble the engine. Once apart take the oldest and largest cooking pot, add water from the hand pump well, add any soap you can find, and just boil the engine for an hour.

Engine apart but will it go back together.The local shop will hand grind your valves to seat
 like new using tooth paste. Caution: don't wash the rest of the motorbike as if looks to new someone is apt to steal it.
Engine apart but will it go back together.Southeast Asian Chevy - The Super Cub 50

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