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This Nut is at it again- Another 100 Words!

If 400 Khmenglish terms weren't enough- they are adding 100 more and asking for expats advice!

When will this stop? Maybe if we help them reach their goal of 500, they will put it to rest.

Is this a historical or hysterical project making this app for android phones?

Find out what all the chatter is about here.

A Ghost that Departed Phnom Penh

Album cover for New Album by Internationally Renown - GOBSHITE - ALook of Disgust

It is the Digital Return of the most talented Hip Hop Artists to grace the stages and streets of Phnom Penh.

New Album by Internationally Renown - GOBSHITE

Ten stunning tracks available for download.

Everything is Free If Your Timing is Right

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 Source: Cambodian Expats Online

Free - Really - A Free Android App for Cambodia?

Nothings free right Bong? 

Guess again- There's a new Khmer Phrase English Dictionary for Android Phones.

So this blog has inspired you to visit Cambodia and you may be on a budget?

The good folks over at Street Smart Ink and their hard working offshore elves have created a 250+ word Khmer Dictionary for the short time traveler to the Kingdom of wonder. One maybe thinking about learning the Khmer Language - so now you can try this app to assistant on your start. The best part is there is no need to learn the 77 characters of ancient Khmer script If you discover that you just can't learn Khmer- no money lost. So give it try- it's designed for the essentials of travel: directions, markets, eating, and checking into hotels & guesthouses. once installed it doesn't need the Internet to function & no pesky ads. yes- all for free! Here the link to Simply Khmer.

N.B. Offshore Elves are a group of Santa's workers who head to an isolated desert island in Southeast Asia in the off-season after Christmas to earn extra cash & warm themselves from the months in the cold Arctic climate.

Rock on Rock Soldiers

Cambodia's most doggish

 power METAL band

Doch Chkae - Amazing what 

these young men are doing!

Learn more about the band here and where they live.